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Trash Collection & Recycling*
Trash materials are picked up once weekly year-round. Trash collection is automated and all trash must be put out in a BLUE Voorhees Township trash cart with white arrows facing the street. Trash may be out between 4pm the day before and 6am the day of collection.

Recyclables materials are also automated and picked up once weekly year-round on the same day as your trash collection.Recyclables must be placed GREEN Voorhees Township containers. REFER TO TOWNSHIP GUIDE FOR SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING

Bulk trash is picked up once a month on the third full week of the month. All bulk trash may be placed curbside for removal. Bulk items consist of furniture, mattresses, carpet, excess trash etc., BUT NOT hazardous material, construction and/or remodeling debris or TV's. 

Leaf Collection & Snow Removal *
Voorhees Township collects leaves curbside in the fall. Next year’s dates will be posted at designated times in the Voorhees Sun newspaper, on the Voorhees NJ web site and channel 19. Signage will also be posted by neighborhood entrances and exits.

Depending on the duration and amount of snowfall, Voorhees Township trucks may plow your street several times. As the snow rolls off the plows, it sometimes accumulates in driveway aprons. Please understand that this is unavoidable and it is the homeowner's responsibility to clear it. In the event of heavy and deep snow, please shovel around your mailbox and fire hydrants near your house. This is for your safety as well as your neighbors.

Sewer System*
The Sewer Department is open Monday thru Friday, 7:00AM to 3:00PM and is on call 24 hours 7 days a week.

This department is responsible for storm drains and inlets on Township roads. Camden County is responsible for storm drains and inlets on County roads. They can be reached at (856) 566-2980.

To help the Sewer Department serve you best, please abide by the following rules:

  1. DO NOT deposit cooking grease drippings or coffee grounds into the sink or toilet.
  2. DO NOT deposit anything other than bathroom tissue into the toilet bowl.
  3. If you have a sewer blockage at the curb line call the Sewer Department at (856) 428-6925 before you call a plumber.

*This information obtained from the Voorhees Township website



If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

The Beagle Club

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